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Hong Kong Airlines - Unique Bundles with authentic stocked bar carts and selection of brand new amenities.

HongKong airline is offering plane aficionados and fans of utilitarian furniture the unique opportunity to buy an authentic stocked bar cart.

Up for grabs are prior used mobile liquor cabinets, mostly full-bar carts and a small number of half-size carts with double the number of items. Half-bar carts cost $8.888 including delivery, and full-size carts cost $11,888 including delivery. Delivery is at the moment only available in Hong Kong and Macau. For delivery options to other countries please contact our support team

These pre-loved carts served Hong Kong Airlines and travelers well during their world travels from, with each one averaging around 2,000 flights. “While the Airline no longer have use for them, they still have life in them, especially for those with an appreciation for aviation collectibles and an eye for design.